Homesync Gives Nearly 100-Year-Old House a Home Automation Makeover

Homesync has worked on a lot of special projects since we first started and we couldn’t resist the urge to create our first feature video and share it with the world!

Over the course of a year, we helped our client transform this nearly one-hundred year old home into an amazing example of modern & automated living. Accompany us on this journey, and let us show you what we can do!



This Home Automation project features:

  • Centralized Lighting
  • Centralized Temperature Control
  • Low-voltage Multicolour LED lighting
  • Audio Distribution for 12 rooms
  • Video Distribution for 8 zones
  • Motorized Shades & Blinds
  • Motorized Television Mount
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Surveillance & Alarm Monitoring
  • State-of-the-art Home Theatre
  • Video Intercom System
  • Fingerprint Door Access
  • Garage Door Automation
  • Worldwide Remote Access

Special thanks:

This project wouldn’t have been possible without Mrs. Amal Roy’s vision, she is a remarkable designer & project manager. We would also like to thank the client for allowing us to film this video in their home, and all of our other incredible customers for making this journey possible! It is truly our pleasure to work with and support all of those that have trusted us to deliver the exceptional results we’re known for today!

We would also like to thank our partners, who give us an enormous amount of opportunity and support. This project highlights a fully integrated Crestron solution, and we’re proud to say that we’ve earned Creston’s elite partner status. Homesync has also had the honour of being a Control4 Platinum dealer for the past two years, and were given the Circle of Excellence – East North American Dealer of the Year in 2014.

Homesync distinguishes itself as being Montreal’s leader in home automation.

Thanks to Great Things Studios, who did an awesome job filming and editing the video!

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Homesync donne une nouvelle vie à une maison historique avec la domotique!

Depuis son tout début, Homesync a eu le privilège de réaliser de nombreux projets d’envergure. Nous sommes emballés de pouvoir partager avec vous notre première vidéo!

Au cours de la dernière année, nous avons accompagné notre client dans la rénovation de sa magnifique résidence.  Son système de domotique, conçu  sur mesure, lui permet d’avoir une qualité de vie incomparable!  Jetez-y un coup d’œil pour voir ce que la domotique nous réserve!


Ce projet inclut :

  • Système d’éclairage centralisé
  • Contrôle de température
  • Contrôle par écran tactile
  • Éclairage DEL multicolore bas-voltage
  • Système d’alarme et de surveillance
  • Cinéma-maison à la fine pointe
  • Distribution audio dans 12 pièces
  • Accès avec lecteur d’empreinte digital
  • Stores et track motorisés
  • Porte de garage automatisée
  • Téléviseur sur bras motorisé
  • Accès à distance de partout

Un grand merci à tous nos partenaires dans ce projet!

Ce projet n’aurait pas connu un tel succès sans la vision incroyable de Mme Amal Roy, une designer et gérante de projet exceptionnelle qui sait mener à terme de tels exploits. Nous tenons également à remercier notre client de nous avoir donné l’opportunité de collaborer avec lui et de tourner notre vidéo dans sa maison. À tous nos clients qui rendent notre travail possible et stimulant – merci! C’est grâce à vous et la confiance que vous nous témoignez que Homesync connaît un tel succès.
Nous voulons aussi prendre l’opportunité de remercier nos partenaires! Ce projet met en valeur une solution Crestron et nous sommes fiers d’avoir mérité la mention de Elite Partner de Crestron.

Homesync a également l’honneur d’être parmi les intégrateurs Control4 Platinum, ayant rapporté la mention du meilleur partenaire dans l’est de l’Amérique du Nord en 2014 – Circle of Excellence – East North American Dealer of the Year.

Homesync se démarque comme étant l’expert en domotique dans la grande région de Montréal!

Un gros merci à Great Things Studios pour le tournage et la production de la vidéo!
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Plan a Staycation This Summer!

It’s mid-July and for many of us here in Québec the Construction Holiday is creeping closer and closer! This means a lot of things – but if you’re not planning an exotic getaway you might want to spend some time around the house.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your smart home this summer and have an amazing staycation!

Summer Sun – Outdoor Home Automation

Simply running through the sprinkler while singing to yourself just isn’t cutting it anymore?  I hear you.  It’s been hot in Montreal this summer and, not going to lie, the sprinkler has seemed like a pretty good plan.  But we can do better!  How about outdoor speakers, to start with, to liven up the backyard?  Control them from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere.  Synch your outdoor speakers to the ones inside and host a fabulously lively dinner party.  With easy-to-use systems like the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, guests can even connect via Bluetooth to play their own music… if you let them…

The kids are outside and you want to keep an eye on them?  Why not live-stream from outdoor cameras to your smartphone.  While you’re at it, let’s control the lighting around the yard and the temperature of the pool.  Ya, now your backyard is pretty amazing.  You can confidently fire-up your grill and enjoy.

Credit: Control4

Rainy Days – Indoor Entertainment

Alright, we’re bound to have a few showers here and there.  This, friends, is an opportunity to get to know your home theatre.  Yes.  Rain isn’t all bad – after all, it provides a great excuse to stay in your PJs all day and take in a movie and enjoy your sound system.

Or have friends over and host an indoor party – multi-zone music, integrated motorized shades and lighting all controlled from your wireless device makes hosting a breeze.

Credit: Control4

Dealing with the changes in temperature is no big deal when you can program your thermostat to adjust automatically – saving you tons on your Hydro bill.  You can do this for the pool’s heater, too, so you’re not wasting energy on rainy days that the pool’s not in use.

Whatever you’re up to this over the Construction Holiday, stay safe and have a great time!  Enjoy your time off!

– The Homesync team.


Job Opportunity at Homesync!

Our Team is great – we’re looking for one more amazing person to add to it!


Title – Home Automation Technician 


The Technician reports directly to the Technicians Team Leader. The Technician’s role is to prepare, install, configure and test audio-video, home automation and networking equipment.  Working in a start-up company requires great personal skill sets as well as a level of leadership and dedication that goes beyond standard expectations in the workforce. 




  • Wire projects.  Prepare, install, configure and test audio-video, home automation and networking equipment.
  • Make use of strong analytical and problem solving skills to overcome challenges.  Be the on-site problem solver and inform your superior in the case of situations that create difficulties.
  • Be creative and develop strategies to accelerate the execution of the tasks.
  • Be ready to work additional hours to complete the task within the time prescribed
  • Maintain in order the inventory of the warehouse and prepare and deliver the respective equipment for each project.
  • Monitor project performance for compliance with customer and contract requirements, including follow-up checks for corrective-action under the supervision of the Team Leader.
  • Contribute to the development of project delivery guidelines and policies in order to meet and exceed future customer expectations. 




  • Successful candidates shall have a minimum of two years experience working in construction/renovation with demonstrated experience in either AV installations or Control4/Crestron programming.
  • Successful candidates shall have graduated CEGEP as a minimum. 


About Homesync 


Homesync specializes in home automation in Montreal. We design, implement and provide ongoing support for customized solutions that are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. We offer multiple solutions including multi-room audio and video, lighting control, climate control, security and much more. 


How to Apply


Please send your CV to to apply.


Big, Smart Ideas for your Small Space

So, like many people in the city, you live in a condo.  And like many people, your space is a little more cramped than you’d like.  How do you make the most of it?  There are tons of ways that today’s user-friendly Home Automation technologies can help you maximise your living space.  Here are a few quick ones to inspire you!


This first idea is a really convenient way to streamline your home and make it appear larger.  In the days of VHS, having a huge, overbearing media cabinet was the norm.  Where would you store all those cassettes without one??  Well this is 2014, folks, and we can do better.  Centralize your tech – from the Blueray player to the Apple TV to the gaming consoles – in a closet with your automation rack and keep it simple on the walls.  All you’ll see is your TV… unless of course you kept your cathode TV… then you’ll need to dust off your clunky old cabinet.

Credit: Homesync

Credit: Control4

Remove wall acne!

You walk into your living room and there they are:  Six perfectly aligned light switches.  They stretch out and cover half the wall, making it look tiny and busy.  There’s a fix for that and it doesn’t involve removing all your home’s lighting.  Using smart home technologies like Control4 or Crestron, you can easily consolidate all those switches into one simple keypad.  The same size as a regular switch, this little guy has the added benefit of letting you control the lighting from anywhere.  Know that moment when you’re in bed and realise the kitchen light is still on?  Tell your smart phone to turn it off for you.

Natural light, please

You have great windows, are you getting the most of them?  Add motorized blinds to your home automation solution and synchronize them to open and close with the sunrise and sunset.  Want them to close only when you’re watching TV?  Easy.  How about in the morning when you’re getting ready?  Touch of a button.  The rest of the time you’ll fill your place with natural sunlight.

Credit: Crestron

Credit: Crestron

There are a ton of other ways that making your home smarter can help you get the most from it – from basic to custom – and we can help!

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new website!  After more than a few brainstorming sessions with our great creative team we are thrilled to show off our brand new site!


We love the simple, modern design of our new page –what do you think?  We aimed to make things easier to find on our new site by making it as user-friendly as the technologies we integrate.  A lot of client feedback went in to our choices of how to lay out the main page – the things you ask for the most are front and centre so you can find the information you want quickly.


The SOLUTIONS section has a whole new feel to it and highlights our most popular services and products to give you a good idea of what’s possible for your home.  Still have questions after going over the site?  No sweat – that’s what we’re here for!  Click on the CONTACT US section or drop us a line.

So come in, stay a while, and admire the awesome job that our webmaster and the rest of the team did.  Any ideas for making the site even slicker (is such a thing possible?) would be fantastic – just leave us a comment here, post on our Facebook page or send us a message.

– The Homesync Team